Papal Tour Request

Oh for the love of God, it use to be the Vatican’s greatest fear was that some psycho would jump out of the crowd and try to knife the Pope during his papal tour. Hmm, not anymore. No siree, their greatest fear now is those friggin vuvuzelas. The head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales is begging the public to leave the friggin things in South Africa and not blow them during his tour of Britain. Seems Pope Benedict is not a fan!


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4 responses to “Papal Tour Request

  1. I’m sure the decision was based on some kind of divine guidance. They probably ask, “Hmmm . . . would those vuvazelas be blowing at, say . . . a crucifixion?”

  2. these friggin vuvuzelas have been annoying folk for far longer than we originally thought

    here’s the evidence –

  3. Susi Spice

    hahaha i dont know what all these ppl are goig on about they are great. ahh brings back memories of been very immature… (llike last night) hehe

  4. Lynn

    i know if i were going to be there for the papal visit you can bet i’d have one!

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