Death By Firing Squad

Why would you give a death row inmate a choice for starters? Ronnie Lee Gardner, who had been on death row in Utah for 25 years, chose death by bullet instead of lethal injection during a hearing this year, despite it being outlawed in 2004. So, yesterday, after all avenues for mercy were exhausted, 5 sharpshooters took aim at Gardner’s heart and fired. Hmm, if that ain’t going to get the civil libertarians ranting nothing will!


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6 responses to “Death By Firing Squad

  1. I’ve always figured a bullet was cheaper, so why not? But they heart seems kind of cruel. Shouldn’t they be blowing his brains out? That would be instantaneous.

  2. That’s not an option….even more cruel

  3. The Celtic Queen

    I think keeping him that long then killing him is crazy. Just get it out of the way. The judicial system is crazy. Nothing should take that long to decide.

  4. If I could choose I’d just want them to give me an overdose of morphine. What could be more painless than that?

    • The Celtic Queen

      I see no point of giving then a lethal injection that takes ages sometimes till they are dead. Why induce a heart attack of sorts. I know victim’s relatives want them to suffer but just put them down quickly and humanly. I’d just be happy to see them gone.

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