World Cup Leads To Murder

Hmm, it was bad enough that Australia got beaten by Germany during the World Cup but imagine a man getting killed because he wanted to watch the game!!! Not friggin worth it my friend!!! David Makoeya, from a small village in South Africa , was desperate to watch the match but his wife and two kids  were equally desperate to watch a gospel show.  So it was no surprise that  a fight broke out over the remote. However, as a last act of defiance, Mr Makoeya changed the channel manually , which in hindsight wasn’t a good idea because his wife and kids beat the crap out of him. In fact they ended up  killing him! Hmm, well there goes Father’s Day.


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6 responses to “World Cup Leads To Murder

  1. So did they watch the gospel show after they killed him? Religious wackos want to know.

  2. Loon, you may not be aware that this post is on the WP frontpage under WC posts. You made it!

  3. Well, shit, if my husband makes me watch that again, he might be in the same boat. Those damn horns are enough to drive me into a snug, white, backzipping jacket.

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