Over My Dead Body

OMG, Cancun is becoming known as much for it’s “bodies in wells” as it is for it’s great holiday destination. Police have found another 12 decomposed bodies at the bottom of 4 wells near the Cancun International Airport. Authorities believe they are just more dumbassed drug dealers. Hmm, which makes it  a total of  72 bodies hauled out of several wells in Cancun in  the past few weeks.


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5 responses to “Over My Dead Body

  1. Griffin

    Don’t drink the water!!!!

  2. Waiter, my water smells like a Corpse Flower …

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Maybe that’s where some of the heads that were found at the airport came from . Did the report divulge any decapitation info Loon?

  4. Lynn

    that’s crazy! instead of letting the cat out of the bag so to speak they should have set up surveillance on that well to catch the crazy f*cker who’s doing it. of course i’m assuming they think it’s one person but hell who knows? it’s mexico!

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