Don’t Feed The Homeless

You can look but just don't feed them!

Sheez, times are a changing. A store in Ocean Beach is causing quite a stir after it began selling bumper stickers which read “Welcome to Ocean Beach/ Please don’t feed our homeless”. Ken Anderson from The Black said he had the stickers printed up a few weeks ago because he wanted the community to know the homeless population was out of control. He was also sick and tired of the damn lazy assed bludgers demanding spare change from people. Oh and he isn’t alone in the sentiment, another business owner claims many of the young homeless just don’t want to work, have cell phones and come from well to do families.

Psst If you don’t like the bumper idea, they are selling t-shirts and hats with the message on it too!


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7 responses to “Don’t Feed The Homeless

  1. That is horrible. Yea, there might be a few people that are lazy but the vast majority of the chronically homeless have serious mental illness and/or substance abuse issues. To dehumanize a population that has known suffering that most people will never dream of is seriously fucking evil.

    • So that would be a no to the tee shirt then?

      I’m pretty much with you Scott. Last night, as I waited for my luggage at the airport, I noticed an elderly woman unraveling a sleeping bag in the corner ( I am assuming she was homeless by the state she was in.) Unbelievably sad.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    It’s funny you should post this as today Loon my daughter’s students gave her $424.00 they collected from the Friday hot lunch they have at school. They a re allowed to use the home room and heat their lunch, have coffee or tea , hang out and chat with friends. They each donate $2.00 for the homeless. Each time I get to do the shopping for them they give me more money each time. These kids are so proud when I take about 10 of those environmentally friendly bags full of soups, noodles. fruit bars, toiletries like tooth brushes tooth paste, soap. face washers. thick winter socks, packs of tissues. They provide personal hygiene items for the woman and I buy second hand blankets during the year and she gives them out at the soup kitchen.. People are cold and hungry and they are sleeping out. It’s so cold in Melbourne presently and I think of them at night while I’m snug as a bug. It’s just so friggin sad. We all need to help the homeless a bit. These goods go to Star of the Sea Convent and the poor know there is stuff there for them that they can’t afford to buy so they come and collect it as they need it. They can wash and get some clothing there too.
    They can get a breakfast and lunch too but it’s sad when they comment that they need something soft as their teeth hurt. Just heart breaking. I think we all need to show more compassion as some of them are sick from drugs or whatever. She teaches her students not to judge them just help them and be thankful you have a home, a warm bed and a family that loves you.
    Life for some people is just so hard.

    • It truly is a terrible thing. You know what CQ, next time I see those snuggie blankets for $10 I might buy a few for the homeless.

      • The Celtic Queen

        I swear to God Loon I saw one yesterday for $12.00 in one of our cheapie Asian shops and thought of you instantly. Yeah me too. There are people in crisis and we support everyone overseas and our own are still suffering. The riches in this world are so unevenly divided. It’s really tragic.

      • Blahahaha I just hope a homeless person doesn’t break their neck trying to walk in a Snuggie 😦 But the free reading light will come in handy for them.

  3. Let them starve! 😛

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