Kevin O Lemon’s Hours Are Numbered

In what was probably a cleverly calculated move, Julia Gillard has requested a leadership ballot.  Seems some of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s senior colleagues are no longer happy with how he is running the country. At 9am tomorrow Australia will know if it will have it’s first female Prime Minister. Hmm, in his late night press conference Rudd continued to use the ” I steered the Australian economy through the global financial crisis” spiel . Yes he did, spending the surplus left by the Liberal Government and putting Australia in massive financial debt for years (if not decades). I wonder how much he really borrowed from China? Anywho, tomorrow will reveal his fate. Hmm, I wonder if he can squeeze in another overseas trip before then…I’m just saying! Oh and wipe the smirk off your face Tony Abbott no one particularly likes you or your budgie smugglers either!

Psst Sheez Julia, hope you got the numbers or it could be friggin awkward day for ya tomorrow!

UPDATE: Julia Gillard has managed to shove Kevin Rudd out of the leadership role bringing to an end not just a first termer but the dominance of men in the top job. Sheez, in the blink of an eye!!!


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2 responses to “Kevin O Lemon’s Hours Are Numbered

  1. Is there anyone who doesn’t borrow money from China???—I need to get my car registered, I may hit ’em up myself…

  2. Sio 2

    I sorry but I have to disagree with your bashing of Kevin Rudd. Julia Gilard stabbed kevid in the back, though I do understand why she did it, but it was still wrong. As for the financial crises, what else could Kevin Rudd have done. I would like to see you be able to deal get Australia through this better?!!

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