Longest Tennis Match in History.

59/59 and not an end in sight. The Wimbledon match between John Isner (USA) and Nicolas Mahut (France) has lasted two days, with more than 10 hours having been played so far including 881 points and 193 aces. A third day has been set aside to hopefully end the deadlock. The irony is that neither one will probably get very far in the tournament but as John McEnroe said “they’re always going to be in the history books.”


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9 responses to “Longest Tennis Match in History.

  1. Of course they won’t get far in the tournament. They are spent. But you have to admire their efforts.

  2. I can’t decide if they are equally good or equally crap players ? 😉

  3. Please… make it stop! It’s too painful to watch!

  4. Susi Spice

    one word people..

    move on people omg i got bored after they said “long tennis match”

  5. I missed the conclusion this morning (US time). Hell I have to sleep SOMETIME! You think that they’re reconsidering that old “no tie-break in the 5th set” thing now? 😕

    • I hear they are going to repeat the whole game over the weekend 🙂

      OK, not want to be a spoil sport but the winner was eventually John Isner 70-68.

      If you really want to watch the full match I recorded it, so you can borrow my 10 DVD set anytime 🙂

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