Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Introducing Australia’s first female Prime Minister ….


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2 responses to “Prime Minister Julia Gillard

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Go Julia I like the girl. She says it like it is and that’s how most Aussies like it. GO JULES !!! Aussie Aussie Aussie oi o i oi !
    Now if only I’d get to be her personal hairdresser lol I wonder if there’s opening there? You know how I hate bad hair Loon and on the odd day Julia is prone to that. Did you post a picture cause if ya did it didn’t open for me? Is she having a bad hair day? I’m just saying…… I mean she had to get up early to speak with Mr Sheen this morning an all.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    hahahahaha now it did lololol How clever is that ?

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