Honey, Where’s Your Kidney?

Want to make a quick buck in Egypt? Well you can sell one of your kidneys for $5,000 but odds are you’ll get robbed before you get back home. Police have broken an organ trafficking ring involving Yemenis selling their organs to a doctor who works in one of the most prominent hospitals in Egypt. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) there are many organ trafficking gangs residing in Eygpt and offering the poor a good price to have their organs ripped out.  Many of the suckers who donate their organ usually get mugged as they make their way back home, kinda making it a futile exercise! Anywho, you’ll be pleased to know they have made 6 arrests so far and more expected!


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2 responses to “Honey, Where’s Your Kidney?

  1. You will be assimilated.
    One organ at a time.

  2. People suck ya know—take my car stereo, my wallet or my TV—but hands off my damned organs…

    Silly Egyptians…

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