Say Can You See….

OK, here’s the thing people who bought their plastic US flag from a Dollar Tree store in Dallas, you might want to check the number of stars on it, because last count it was 61! Hmm, seems the Chinese suppliers don’t do any much research when making cheap crap products for the U.S of A. In their defense the Dollar Tree assistant store manager said the flag is sold as “patriotic banner” and not as an American flag. Oh well, that’s different then!

Psst Sheez, you’d expect less stars for your buck wouldn’t ya?


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2 responses to “Say Can You See….

  1. susispice

    its all about estimation….

    “dat look abow rie to you Xiang?”
    “ya ya jus kip maekin flag or no food for you!”

    • The Celtic Queen

      I bought a new Aussie flag the other day so might just check that as it was made in China too. Bought it for the new house. We’ve very patriotic lol One Polish Flag One Scottish and one Aussie.

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