I Do

Oh boy, you men in India better be on your toes if you decide to marry.Seems women scammers are on the rise. Take for instance some poor groom and his family from Uttar Pradesh who thought everything was friggin rosy after the wedding. Little did they know the bride was cooking up a poisonous concoction. When neighbors noticed the house latched from the outside they went to investigate and found the entire family unconscious.Oh yes, it gets worse, when the family regained consciousness they released they had been friggin fleeced. Cash gone, jewelry gone, valuables gone, bride gone and her whole friggin family gone. Bitch!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, I'm Just Saying !, Thanks For Nothing, Well I Never

5 responses to “I Do

  1. WTF happened to the prenup?

  2. Damn Liberal Arts education…”released”…maybe try “realized”

  3. Ha ha ha, that animation looks like a zombie groom chasing the bride. Braiiiinnnnsssss!

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