Jealous Even At 98

Sheez, can't a man look?

You’re never too old to whack your cheating hubby over the head with a pan I say.Just ask the mother of all cougars a 98 year old Russian woman who suspected her 78 year old husband had been eying off their female neighbor. Bo-ing, take that you bastard. The hubby, whose head must have been ringing, returned the compliment by hitting her on the hand with a rolling pin. The elderly woman now faces assault charges and probably great make-up sex!!!


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8 responses to “Jealous Even At 98

  1. Took a page right out of Boston Legal, and Betty White, huh?

  2. The Celtic Queen

    That’s what happens when you marry an older woman. One needs to look at a younger one and Kaboom on the head. lol

  3. izziedarling

    The visual of make-up sex between those two … I’m not hungry anymore.

    • The Celtic Queen

      One of my old friends who was actually my in laws best friends is still alive but has prostate problems and is about to break up with his 82 year old mistress because he can’t have sex now . When he told me I said “Ah FFS life isn’t JUST about sex” What is it with some people?

  4. Sometimes you’ve just got to wear sunglasses.

  5. Susi Spice

    ah see he shouldve picked a blind cougar… hehe

    i wonder if ill still be having sex if i reach that age… lol

  6. Susi Spice

    yeah i finally got my laptop back and now im sick at home šŸ˜¦
    i need to sleep this off so that it doesnt develop into a big flu

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