Serial Killer Caught Through Son’s DNA

OMG, the “Grim Sleeper” serial killer may have been caught, thanks to his son’s criminal activities and a slice of pizza.For 25 years police were baffled by the “Grim Sleeper” murderer who earned his nickname after taking a 14 year break from killing before re-emerging once again in 2002. However, when Lonnie David Franklin Jr’s son was arrested and his DNA placed in a state data bank, police were shocked to discover a genetic link to material found on the “Grim Sleeper ” victims and the son.  The DNA was so close police suspected someone in his immediate family was the serial killer.Their hunch was Lonnie David Franklin Jr, daddy dearest. So anywho, undercover cops, disguised as waiters, staked out Franklin Jr’s favorite restaurant  collecting his cutlery, napkins , glasses and pizza crust to gather DNA. Oh yes, it was a match. Lonnie David Franklin Jr is now facing 10 counts of murder.

Psst This is the first time that familial DNA has ever been used to solve a major case and they are hoping it will hold up to scrutiny in court.


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4 responses to “Serial Killer Caught Through Son’s DNA

  1. The Celtic Queen

    That’s fantastic now all those families of the victims will be able to get on with their lives that’s after he’s convicted and executed of course.
    Those poor people.

  2. He’ll be sleeping with one eye open, looking out for the “Cell Sleeper” currently running loose at a prison near you.

  3. linsie

    thanks for the read. i really like the style in your writing.

  4. ace

    he should have bodied his son first!

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