Jesus Is Back

Jesus on a flag people, Jesus on a flag. Yes, Jesus is now flapping in the wind at the Candia Liquid Planet Water Park after his image suddenly appeared on their lifeguard flag. Oh and bless, since the appearance of Jesus the weather has been more than perfect and attendance has been up 200%. The owners sister Kelly Dumont ain’t buying it “I think they’re all a bunch of nuts. It looks more like a gladiator, or the Beatles,” Anywho, a Catholic  priest is expected to have a gander to determine if it’s a miracle or a hoax.


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7 responses to “Jesus Is Back

  1. Looks more like Ming The Merciless to me.

  2. I thought it looks a little like Stalin.

  3. He looks like that Hercule Poroit or Vladymir Lenin. i don’t really see jesus as having a curling mustache like a silent film villain with bxing gloves, but who knows?

  4. The Celtic Queen

    I thought more like one of the three musketeers but which one lol? Definitely not Jesus, he’s toast!

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