Mel Gibson Rant

Surprise, surprise, it didn’t take long for the tape of Mel Gibson’s rant with ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva to hit YouTube. What, you haven’t heard it? Sheez, here is the dance remix version of it.


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12 responses to “Mel Gibson Rant

  1. OMG, that is hilarious!!!!!

  2. Good thing he restrained himself and didn’t say anything he’d regret. I hope he was lying on the floor eating a Wendy’s hamburger when he called her.

  3. Dang, Mel! Perhaps you should have just stuck with the wife you already had.

    • The Celtic Queen

      I bet she along with Greg Norman’s ex are having the last laugh. No one believes me but the only part Mel ever played that was about himself was TIM. If you haven’t seen it it’s Mel to a T . A complete retard.

  4. I can’t tell the difference between that and a randomly selected gangsta rap song.

  5. It’s not wise to piss off Braveheart…Was that a 2-Live Crew beat in the background?

  6. Thanks, Loon. Now I don’t feel so bad about not being a rich actor. Man he’s tapped. Funny video!

  7. The Celtic Queen

    Braveheart should have been played by a Celt. Those phoney accents just don’t cut with with us real Celts. When I fisrt heard it I thought he’d pass with a push but after watching it a couple of times NAH!

  8. Susi Spice

    and this guy has procreated now 8 human beings with chances of having his exact personality and 7 of them being raised by him… Gibson kids… if you think you are like your father..GET THE FRIGGIN SNIP!


    psycho Mel..

    but also this russian chick – I do have the cynic in me asking how did she have a recorder ready just at that precise moment.. did she provoke it all day? interesting how she doesnt say a word…probably cause she knew she would be leaking it to the world and would get her revenge… kudos i guess..

  9. Damn, I always wanted to do that.

  10. The Celtic Queen

    She did the right thng. Always pays to have one of those tiny recorders. I have one and they can fit in your bra. About 1 x 4. Excellent idea for work and the likes. All women should have one. There again some like to videotape or photgraph the event themselves. Of course they usually have a starring role. Lol

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