Respect Your Elders

She might be a 66 year old Japanese woman from Nagasaki but she’ll break your nose as good as look at you, if you don’t give up your seat for her on a bus, damn you! Tamiko Masuta beat the living crap out of a teenager with her umbrella and foot when he refused to stand up for her. Hello, the little shit was taking up two seats in an area designated for senior cits. Sheez, the nerve.

Psst This wasn’t the first time she has been accused of beating up rude mannered whippersnappers!


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10 responses to “Respect Your Elders

  1. She’s my new hero! Friggin punk deserved it.

    • The Celtic Queen

      I’ve done it myself Jammers. If they don’t get their friggion feet off the seat I sit on them. One asked me If I’d like a kick in the head for my trouble. I said, “try getting your feet out first biatch”. Three 15 year old skanks taking up 6 seats. I think not. Just pull rank and they usually shit themselves. These three did as another guy came to my assistance and then they asked him to show them his I have no respect for some women. None whatsover.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Loon where’s my crown gone? I haven’t changed it yet.

  3. Attila the Mom

    Good for her! LOL

  4. Yaaay … three cheers for granny!

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