Roman Polanski A Free Man

Oh my, seems Roman Polanski just got his get out of jail free card after Switzerland announced they weren’t sending the disgraced director back to the US because of a boo-boo in the American application for extradition. Evidently the judge in the 1977 case has assured Polanski that the time he spent in a psychiatric unit would be adequate time served for the sexual assault of the 13 year old girl.When the Swiss Justice Ministry was denied a request to view records of a hearing verifying this claim they rejected the extradition request. Now Mr Polanski can return to France a free man and the whole child rape case can be swept back under that “special treatment” Hollywood rug for good.


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4 responses to “Roman Polanski A Free Man

  1. Lynn

    i think the whole things $ucks. check out this slideshows showing all the celebutrash supporting this child molester. unbelievable.

  2. SICK!! But somehow I’m not surpised!!

  3. It makes me hella mad.

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