Australian Mass Murderer Found Dead In Texas

OK people stop looking, Victorian police think they have found Melbourne mass murderer Elmer Crawford. Hmm, so it’s been 40 years since Crawford bashed, electrocuted and then pushed the bodies of his pregnant wife and three young children over a cliff in a car  but at least they can close the file. Victorian police and FBI academy in Quantico believe the body of the unidentified man who died in 2005 at  Texas hospital is the killer, after facial recognition experts studied photos . Unfortunately they couldn’t use fingerprints because he had deliberately damaged his fingertips in what they believe was an attempt to mask his identity. Police are hoping a relative of Crawford will come forward to give DNA or they may have the grisly task of exhuming his 8 year old son.  The discovery of Crawford came after the Herald Sun printed an article about Crawford, which included a computer image of how he would look today.A reader noted the similarity to an old man on a US missing person website and contacted police. US authorities are currently trying to work out what the hell Crawford had been up to for 40 years in the United States. Good luck with that, he had four different names on identification documents he was carrying at the time of his death. If it is him, I hope he had a shit life!

Elmer Crawford


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13 responses to “Australian Mass Murderer Found Dead In Texas

  1. michellefrommadison

    Did the wife and kids do something that provoked the result? Not all victims are real victims, rather some are the consequences of their own actions.

    • lawrence

      Don’t defend my aunt and cousions killer

    • Michelle from Madison, nothing could justify killing five people (especially children). The police give two possible reasons for the murders. Firstly he could have been pissed that she was pregnant again or secondly she discovered he was stealing stuff from the Flemington racecourse where he worked and she was going to dob him in.

      • michellefrommadison

        According to Law, there are circumstances that will allow such an action to be taken. Like I mentioned, not all “victims” are really victims at all.

    • “Did the wife and kids do something that provoked the result”???????? PARDON??? You are kidding here aren’t you?????

      WTF do you consider enough provocation to kill your own family?

      I am a survivor of a highly abusive relationship – and trust me there are certain people on this earth that need NO provocation whatsoever – some of them are just sick f*cks!!!!

  2. Holy crow – it could not have been easy to get through the Australian and American borders without detection.

  3. As the author of the only book about the case, I suggest everyone visit the book and read the website. I’m also a former Victoria Policeman, and lived in the same street as the Crawfords at the time of their murders.

  4. As the author of the only book ever written on this crime I suggest anyone with interest, visit the website and purchase the book. I am a former Victoria Policeman and lived in the street at the time of the murders. I currently live in the United States.

  5. Sara

    Michelle from Madison does that mean that Caylee Anthoney deserved her crime (some how provoked her mum to kill her?) As this would be a similar situation, maybe she spilled her drink or wouldnt eat her dinner – You seriously are strange!

  6. Sara

    And how you would know the time it would take to create an fake identity – Michelle are you really Elmer????

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