I Will Survive

An Australian Jewish woman,  Jane Korman, who posted a vid of her family singing and dancing to “I will survive” at the Auschwitz death camp has caused  mini outrage. Now normally I’d poo-poo such behavior but considering her 89 year old father (who features in the video) is an Auschwitz survivor, I say you go for it. No one but those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis could fully understand the nightmare that they endured, so if a little  singing and dancing alleviates a little of the pain so be it. Adolek Kohn was only a child when he was rounded up by the Nazis and taken to the camp where most of his family died in the notorious gas chamber. His daughter says it’s a celebration of survival  and not a mark of disrespect.

Psst Hitler would be rolling around in his grave if he saw this!!! Good!


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17 responses to “I Will Survive

  1. Here’s hoping Hitler doesn’t rant about it 😦

  2. I think it’s great, and anyone that would criticize that man should be ashamed. He lived through it and lost family. He is celebrating being alive and that there are new generations in his family because he survived.

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Hats off to them, what a way to celebrate surviving. I’m sure the Poles who now guard this death camp would be happy to see it too.

  4. Go for it buddy – I take my hat off to you for having the courage to go back there! (and may Hitler get a cramp in his ball)

  5. What is funny is the video that was suggested after it..

  6. I eagerly await the “Downfall” parody wherein Hitler is enraged by this video.

  7. I was planning to post this on Madhatters, loon, but dithered and dithered about it last night before deciding against it. There are actually 3 videos in the series and I was happier with the 2nd and 3rd than with this one.

    I am happy that this gentleman survived the horror of the concentration camp (one of the very few) and glad he was able to return so many years later and stick a symbolic 2 fingers up at his Nazi captors.

    I eventually decided against posting it because of a vague unease – a feeling that something was not quite right. That the gentleman was being manipulated – his dancing was awkward (and not just because of age) and the recreation of his transport to the camp in a goods train ???

    I wasn’t aware till a few moments ago when I read the article in –


    that his daughter was an ‘artist’ – which explains the ‘stage-iness’ of the video.

    That this gentleman survived the camps is a triumph in itself – worth celebrating. But I can’t help feeling his daughter has turned the whole thing into some sort of ‘cheesy’ affair to further her own ‘career’ and that this prattish ‘dancing’ to ‘I will survive’ trivialises the pain/suffering/loss of those who were sent to the death camps. (if she wanted to send a powerful message there are better, more fitting songs she could have chosen for this awkward dancing vid)

    l’chaim !!!

  8. Go Kamil !
    Ok, so his daughter may be using it as a promo for her own work and the horrors inflicted at those places might make all right-minded people feel sick, but it’s the underlying message that is important to get across.
    I’m with them all the way, and I’m not Jewish.

  9. The video has stopped me from doing other work today. I am fascinated with comments from all over the globe. My book “Don’t Bring It to Work” talks about how patterns of behavior are passed from generation to generation and how they repeat and repeat until someone says “it will stop with me”. Three generations are making their own statement about freedom of speech, of expression, to dance and sing and release the past, it is fabulous. They are creating, not harming! Each of us can give to children, grandchildren great grandchildren the joy of transformation, that is a gift worth giving and giving!

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