Hands Up Who’s Over Mel Gibson?

Yes, are we totally over Mel Norman Bates Gibson yet? Hmm, me too, but here is his latest rant if anyone is interested. Sheez, I would have been out of there like a friggin squirrel on Red Bull if someone spoke to me like that. Which makes you wonder what sort of person would tolerate it? Sleeping with the enemy huh?


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15 responses to “Hands Up Who’s Over Mel Gibson?

  1. michellefrommadison

    He’s a hero to all battered fathers, end of resounding why he had to protect himself from the attack from that witch, imo. His career will rebound just like it has always done, but that witch needs to be locked up for a few decades.


    I’m not for any kind of violence of abuse in a relationship. I know we can all those our cool but if he’s gone off her, just walk away, pay your dues and move on If you can’t talk things out then there is something seriously wrong with that relationship anyway. It’s the old saying “what do you talk about when you get out of bed” That’s what always happens when it’s all about sex. I don’t care what anyone says sex is short lived if you don’t respect each other. I heard him rant on TV last night “HE WANTS A WOMAN”. Well Mel start acting like a decent human being and you may find one.

    • I kinda have an eyebrow raised over her taping these conversations. I wonder if things have been nicely deleted out. Seems we don’t get to hear what sets him off in the first place. Plus the fact she didn’t report the face punching, teeth losing incident to the cops (considering she was “supposedly” holding the baby) makes you wonder. I’m leaning towards fame whore 🙂

      • Lynn

        are you fucking kidding me loon? it doesn’t matter what set him off in the first place. i would have done the same thing she did, record him. then let the judge decide what’s admissable in court. as far as the face punching incident i understand the dentist has documented the event in his notes. although i do agree she’s an idiot for staying after that incident. mel’s going down and i for one am happy to see him fall!!

    • michellefrommadison

      I agree with you, Mel is a decent human being. It’s his witch that needs to spend time in prison for her crimes against Mel Well documented, fortunately.

      • Lynn

        hi michellefrommadison, i gotta disagree with you… “a decent human being”? surely you can’t be serious. oh i dunno… i’ll bet you wouldn’t say that if he went on a 7 minute tyrade against you like that. what self-respecting woman would? i’d have been gone the first time the c*nt word flew!

  3. If you want to dip your dick where it shouldn’t be while you’re still married, then suffer the consequences …


    I have to admit that his body language isn’t the best these days and it’s something he needs to keep in chick. It’s a dead give away and indicates a shot fuse. Less is more, Mel Say nothing and the media will have nothing negative to report.

  5. Out of there like a friggin squirrel on Red Bull…..an awesome new expression is born!

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