What’s That You’re Saying?

Want a piece of history? Well, for around $7,500 you can have Sir  Winston Churchill’s spare set of dentures. Yep sirree, Sir Winston Churchill’s lisp correcting  false teeth are going up for auction in Norfolk.


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9 responses to “What’s That You’re Saying?

  1. I heard lately his bite is worse than his bark.

  2. Lynn

    OMG, i dont know the specifics of what i’m about to tell you but rip’s grandmother had dinner with winston churchill. true.. she talked about until she died. she was very impressed but honestly i didn’t know who he was til recently.

    • Lynn

      so i guess, she saw these teeth.

      • FAIRY FACE

        Great story Lynn lucky grandma. I have a big birthday coming up soon and I’m getting a British Shorthair cat from the kids and we picked the name ” WINSTON”
        These cats are so aloof but nice. So was Winstin Churchill. Did you know he had Aspergers ? I read that somewhere not long ago


      Come on Lynn there is more to this story and I’m sure you’re not letting on.

  3. Too weird. I wonder how many cigars were clenched by those bad boys?

  4. Susi Spice

    haha i know what Loony is getting for christmas!


      He should have donated it to the prisoners who made the ring for Oscar Schindler. They could have used that gold.

  5. The Teeth That Bit Hitler In The Ass

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