Tinkerbell Makes A Cameo Appearance

Photo Tammy Church

Oh my, Jesus has finally been upstaged. A woman from Florida is claiming she has snapped Tinkerbell amongst fireworks. Tammy Church snapped the photo from her phone during the 4th of July fireworks show and later that night when she downloaded it, bippity boppity boo, there was Tinkerbell fluttering amongst the fireworks. Ms Church, who is a Disney fanatic, is now hoping to make a million dollars from the photo (once she has it copyrighted) and has already contacted national media shows. Hmm, be careful lady, I suspect Disney own the rights to everything Tinkerbell!

Psst OK loons, verdict?  Sheez, at least it doesn’t look like Lenin!!!


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3 responses to “Tinkerbell Makes A Cameo Appearance


    Oh it’s so cute and it actually does look like Tinkerbell more so that all the Jesus and Mary reports on doors and toast. Yep get on the the copyright people asap. In fact I’d have done it before showing the world this photo.

  2. I think they purposefully can put those in fireworks displays these days.

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