A Friggin Snake Dare

On the count of three...

Oh for goodness sakes, how many times do I have to tell you, swallowing a highly poisonous snake for $2 is gonna get you a whole lot of porcelain hugging. Zaver Rathod from India killed the nasty little reptile after it bit his friend but was then dared to eat it for 100 rupee. Never one to turn down a bet he ate the friggin thing raw. Enter severe vomiting.Lucky for Mr Rathod doctors were able to remove the entire contents of his stomach before the venom could seep into his bloodstream and kill him stone dead.


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3 responses to “A Friggin Snake Dare

  1. 100 rupee…That’s about 2 bucks—Zaver Rathod, you’re dumbass…


    Whilst visiting the cemetery where MIL and FIL are buried I noticed a grave with photos where another Polish guy was buried with his son. The son went to school with Jan but had died when he was about 46. Curious as to the cause of death I asked a friend of ours what happened to him and why he died so young. They replied, “he kept retiles and one bit him so he bit it back”. Weirdo !
    Snake1 on Drongo 0

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