Rumor Mill Round Up

OK, here’s a run down of this weeks thrills and spills. Pink kaboomed 8ft off the stage onto a steel barrier after a harness malfunction (she claims the barricade is now her bitch). John Stamos side stepped another potential drama after an extortion plot involving some compromising photos was dealt with swiftly by police. Lindsay’s off to rehab (yes she is, no she isn’t, yes sh…oh who cares), Mels in therapy,Kelly Osbourne is back on the dating scene (this time trying to avoid a cheater), Levi and Bristol are engaged and negotiating reality show deals, Penelope Cruz and the dude who played the nastiest little serial killer with a tank of compressed air you’ll ever see just got hitched, Rip Torn used a life line and got off some serious bank robbery charges.  Wesley Snipes goes into the big house IRS 1, Snipes 0. Oh and Joran van der Sloot is still rotting away in a Peruvian jail.


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2 responses to “Rumor Mill Round Up

  1. But what about Richard Simmons?

  2. izziedarling

    Thanks, Loon – been off the radar for a week and now I don’t have to read anything else!

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