When It’s A Good Time To Fib

You know sometimes it’s just better to lie. Take the woman from New Jersey who told police she had been carjacked. Far better she said that, than tell them her car had crashed because she was having sex with a complete stranger she had picked up from the side of the road.


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7 responses to “When It’s A Good Time To Fib

  1. Hitchhiking is gonna make a comeback after this one gets out…

  2. Update to your story, loon – seems little Ms Sara Blasse has quite an imagination !!!

    Not only was she NOT carjacked

    She was NOT having oral sex with a hitch-hiker either

    What she and her boyfriend (not a stranger) were doing was fleeing the police after they had been spotted stealing a laptop from a car earlier


    • But I like my story better 🙂

    • Susi Spice

      obviously uve not seen loon…she has a nose so big that pinocchio himself would be jealous of! hahhaa

      hence why she likes her stories better 😛

      • FAIRY FACE

        Susi update. Donna gave Eric and ultimatum and I think they are finished. Stephanie the old hag is still pestering Eric and wants him back. Dollar Bill has ulterior motives for wanting Donna to Split with Eric as he stands to get Forester Creations back. I was reading the American updates and Brook gets it on with Oliver, Hopes new boyfriend. She’s getting up to her old slutty tricks again.

  3. Man, those laptop things, they must be expensive. Probably worth at least a broken arm and two car fires.

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