EMT Accused of Ignoring Dying Woman Killed

Sheez, remember the emergency medical tech who was accused of refusing to help a dying pregnant woman because he was on a coffee break? Sure you do! No? Click here.  Hmm, well Jason Green was shot in the face and killed outside a New York nightclub this week. Police believe the shooting was unrelated to the past incident.


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3 responses to “EMT Accused of Ignoring Dying Woman Killed

  1. izziedarling

    Shot in the face? No coincidence here. Karma’s a bithch.

  2. izziedarling

    I mean bitch – damn it all.


    Daughter’s brother in law is a Paramedic and works incredibly long shifts and sees some terrible accidents. Coming from a family where the father is a surgeon and grandfather and brother are dentists , mum and sister are nurses they can’t do enough to help anyone in need. These other guys acted in an extremely callous way and well, one is now gone and I hope the other never works again. Our Ross was called out to a woman who had an infected tooth and was delirious with the pain. He got her to hospital and had her admitted.
    You’d think just a toothache, no way would the ambos take you in but he did. She died from the tooth infecting her brain. Imagine if he’s just said “take a couple of panadol”. Luckily he had some insight into what your teeth can do to you. Your brain sits just behind your back molars. It had formed and abscess there and she didn’t make it.

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