Barrel Ride Fail

OK here’s the thing boys, don’t be putting four gallons of methanol in a 55 gallon drum so you can go for a “barrel ride”, it will only end in tears! The two men from  Washington State, filled up the barrel, sat on top and lit it, expecting to go shooting across a parking lot like a rocket. Instead it just went kaboom! One end of the barrel reportedly flew 120ft, Both men are now in hospital with severe burns.


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12 responses to “Barrel Ride Fail

  1. seriously.


    what is it with men. WHY.


  2. was any alcohol consumed in the conception and performance of this stunt, by any chance? 🙄

  3. Jeez! More fun from my home state! And you wonder why I’m in Oz. Why do so many stories like this come from my area? It’s… embarrassing.

  4. Gruff Guano

    I say three cheers for the initiative. If it wasn’t for this groundbreaking mentality, mankind would have missed out on very important progress and innovation. Such as … uh… well, …

    Paintball ! To give but one example. We f.i. owe a world of gratitude to the first guy that used gass pressure to shoot a bag of paint at his unexpecting buddy.

    And downhill shopping cart races. Where would we be without them.

  5. I’m wondering if either Johnny Knoxville or Clark Griswald was involved in this.

  6. Talk about giving “shooting your load” an entirely new meaning 🙄

  7. Idiots…should have jumped on the end that flew 120 feet.

  8. They’d better be glad the barrel wasn’t completely filled or they’d be kissing more than their @$$es goodbye.

  9. sad

    not a good idea, the guy is an aussie and he ended up dying in the end

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