Failure Is Rewarded

OK, here’s the thing BP exec Tony Hayward, who is expected to get a $20 million payout after he steps down  from the company for his incompetence over the Gulf of Mexico disaster. Consider yourself a very lucky man because if the Friggin Loon were in charge this is how it would work Tony (I can call you Tony, right?). Firstly Tony, your pay and pension package (and the rest of the friggin boards) would immediately be wired to the good folks sitting in their dry docked fishing vessels along the Louisiana coast. You would be issued with standard fishing waders and snorkel and sent into the cool black waters to pluck from the sea oil, soaked birds and wildlife. Then  armed with Dawn dish washing detergent, you’re gonna scrub and scrub those critters clean. And that’s only the start….
If it is proven that a deal was made with the Libya, BP  and the  Scottish government to release the Lockerbie bomber in exchange for an oil contract, all the BP’s board members should have their sorry asses thrown in jail.

Psst I bet no one can remember the name of any of the 11 men who lost their lives when the oil rig went kaboom!

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One response to “Failure Is Rewarded

  1. Gruff Guano

    I think you’re right. Rewarding any of those responsable, is immoral. Even a crime. Allowing this to happen would be to tolerate crime. It’s sending a message that the pursuit of profit is still above the law. And that the interests of the happy few who seek short term private profits outway general interests.

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