The Best Of The Latest Wikileaks

Yeah, yeah we all know that Wikileaks has got it’s hands on a massive stash of  classified US military reports but I haven’t got friggin time to read all  90,000 documents.  So here’s a  quick summary of what you need to know or not , depending on your care factor…..

Osama bin Laden is dead and is believed to have died in a Peshwar hospital.

NATO has a “black” unit of special forces called Task Force 373. Their role to kaboom senior Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders without any attempt to capture them.

The Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) aka Pakistan’s intelligence service paid the Taliban $15,000 – 30,000 to kill Indian contractors in Afghanistan. Oh and that attack on the Indian embassy was carried out on ISI’s orders.

Kim Jong Il, that little shit, sold chemical weapons to a bin Laden’s financial advisor in 2005. Hmm, and we know how good his rockets are!

The US pays Pakistan $1 billion a year, yes you heard me $1 billion for its aid. However  Pakistan then conversed with the Taliban to organize militant groups to attack US soldiers.

Oh and yes there are way more civilian casualties than the  US military let on.


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4 responses to “The Best Of The Latest Wikileaks

  1. Have you seen their most famous videos of either ‘civilian casualties’ or ‘murder’ depending on how you look at it?

  2. Susi Spice

    wikileaks is like a box of chocolates… u never know what youre gonna get…


  3. Total disillusionment, despair.
    Hope is dead and change is a lie.

    Well, I’ll probably still vote for Obama next time, but I am kinda sore. Hope most of it was Bush administration machinations and not Obama turning a blind eye.
    Bin Laden dead -no surprise there. Dude had kidney failure and I doubt there’s too many dialysis machines floating around caves.
    I still think we did a lot of good in Afghanistan, but…

    As for blowing up Taliban and al Qaeda, might be good to get info from them, etc. Hopefully, they only TNT these dudes in certain cases.

    As for civilian casualties, sadly that happens in wars, but must be avoided. If it was meant to be done, then it’s murder.

  4. Are you talking about that Iraq video from 2007 where they kill a bunch of unarmed people and wound 2 children? Yup…THAT’S MURDER. Just saw it on Youtube. Is there one from Afghanistan too?

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