The Funniest Lemur You’ll See All Day

Hands up who likes their armpits tickled?

Psst This one’s for Writer Dood.


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16 responses to “The Funniest Lemur You’ll See All Day

  1. Good find loon.
    Reminds me of my dating years. Going over to the girl’s place. Working my way into her bedroom and then picking fleas off her dog.

  2. This brings back memories of my childhood. My hairy backed uncle paid me and my siblings to check him over for ticks after he’d be boar hunting.
    Awww…good times! Good times!

  3. Oowww I love it. I still want to buy a couple little spider monkeys to live in my seaside Costa Rican estate someday.

  4. lol. that lemur looks so happy. lol

  5. Sigh, sometimes being a Lemur would do quite nicely.

  6. Now THAT is what is called a look of total bliss 😆 BEOOOTIFUL!!

  7. Great…now everyone will want a Lemur.

  8. Ha, nothing new been posted here since I checked in about 12 hours ago.

    Looks like loon and Susi are still knocking back the vino or she’s too rat-arsed to post anything.

    Hey, if it’s cute pictures of lemurs that excite you, take a look at these –

  9. Ha! That’s cool.
    I didn’t know they were ticklish.

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