Silicone Injections In The Butt Is Dangerous

Oh dear, Mayra Lissette Contreras has died after having silicone injections in her butt. Don’t ask me, last thing I need is a bigger ass! Anywho, it seems Ms Contreras died from respiratory problems following the procedure. The two sisters Alejandra Viveros and Guadalupe Viveros, who performed the op, are on the run. It’s alleged they don’t even have a friggin medical license. Brilliant! Some California doctors are horrified by the practice, considering injecting silicone directly into the body can have serious medical repercussions eg DEATH. If the surgeon accidentally hits a vein, the silicone can enter into the bloodstream and go straight to the lungs.


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9 responses to “Silicone Injections In The Butt Is Dangerous

  1. I don’t even like sitting on a hard pillow.

  2. thought women didn’t want a fat arse ?

    • Susi Spice

      no generally most ethnic women love their big asses and so do their men… so not all women are scared of a nice ass hehe

  3. Fairy Face

    They don’t ‘butt’ some are just born with them.
    Actually Duncan some men like a bit of something to hang on to. I don’t old skinny men, too many jagged edges. Give me some love handles any day.

  4. Guess she didn’t have as big a bloggers ass as the loon. Too much time on the computer and the bar stool.

    Then again susi ends up under the stool.

  5. I’m sitting here on my fat ass, contemplating how fortunate I am not to have had to pay good money or risk death to get it.

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