They’re Back

Oh for the love of all things bright and beautiful guess what’s coming back? Go on try…you’ll never guess!Mom pants. Yes, just like mom jeans but in an array of different fabrics that are just as unflattering. Oh and not to worry, they  have been given a whole lot swankier name…”carrot pants”. Hmm, who could forget the high waisted pants that taper down to the leg . But be warned ladies, despite being comfy, they do have a tendency to make your ass look enormous.


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14 responses to “They’re Back

  1. NO!!!!!!

    Don’t tell me that. Mom pants are the reason why I refuse to have kids.

  2. They can’t come back to my neighborhood because they never went away.

  3. Susi Spice

    lol carrot pants?

    urgh another fashion world failure… they must trully think us suckers for buying into watever they decide is “fashionable”

  4. Oh I dunno – they look O.K. to me. Certainly more attractive than some of the things you Aussie women wear 😉

  5. Jessica Simpson was just before her time.

  6. Lynn

    the pleats are the killer of style for anyone. no one can pull off a pair of pants with pleats, NO ONE! best to pass…

  7. izziedarling

    As always, there are those fashion items that must be igonored. These top the list. Bad jodpher (sp) look. BAD.

  8. I like BIG BUTTS and I CANNOT LIE …

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