Last Act Of Defiance

OK here’s the thing, don’t be calling your girlfriend a lesbian if you value your genitals and life. Samantha Brown and her sister have been jailed after they left Dean Darvill to bleed to death following  an argument. The fight started after Dean accused Samantha of having  gay affair so she stabbed him the groin with a kitchen knife and fled. Meanwhile sis, Toni, refused to ring for an ambulance despite his pleas. She also stopped another woman, who was in the house, from ringing. Then in a despicable act Toni rang Dean’s  family to tell them he had been wounded but refused to give them her address so they could call an ambulance. Sadly had he received immediate medical treatment he would have  survived. Toni’s reason for not calling 999….she didn’t want to wake her young children.


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5 responses to “Last Act Of Defiance

  1. so much for women being the gentler sex !!!

  2. oh em gee.

    he bled to DEATH? that is some crazy angst, ladies.

    are we SURE they aren’t lesbians?

  3. @blunt, so are you saying that only a lesbian would do this? If so, that is pretty f**ing ignorant.

    To the OP,(Original Poster.) When talking about an occurance like this, it is good to have a link to a news article,(preferably from a reliable news source.) so people can read and see for themselves the whole of the story.

  4. Leaving all the rest of it aside, why was he “accusing” her instead of saying “please tell me all about it and don’t leave anything out”?

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