I Think It’s A Croc

Cue eyebrow raise. This photo of a Northern Territory  monster croc, believed to have been caught in the 1990’s , has been scaring the shit out of people on the net. Now, locals near Manangoora claim there is another friggin one,  just  like it, stealing their cattle. Hmm, I don’t loons, looks fake to me…or is that just wishful thinking?


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10 responses to “I Think It’s A Croc

  1. What has it been eating

  2. Fairy Face

    other people’s cattle

  3. Susi Spice

    i think its cute… so cute..here lil crocy crocy

  4. doesn’t look like a very ‘lil’ crocy crocy to me !!!

  5. Is that where Crocodile Dundee is hiding?

  6. Here leezard leezard leezard …

  7. Griffin

    Of course it is fake! Oz doesn’t have any trucks that clean.

  8. Gruff Guano

    Remember Gustave, the Giant Crocodile ? That thing ate entire villages, and then some hippo’s for dessert. They shot at it with machine guns, and it survived. At first at least. Then it dissapeared. Maybe it’s the same one. Although I think Gustave would have eaten the truck.

  9. Gruff Guano

    (public warning: the song could make youjust a little edgy when you just had 6 cups of coffee)

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