It’s A Steal

OMG, a thief in Ontario broke into Greg Kemmis’s house while he was out of town and then had a garage sale on the front lawn the next day. Witnesses say the alleged thief Kail Russell Stokes set up a “tools for sale” sign out the front of the house and flogged all of Mr Kemmis’s tools from 9.30am – 4pm. Russell even placed price tags on the tools. It is estimated he made around $40,000 for his efforts.


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5 responses to “It’s A Steal

  1. 40,000? damn, that is not bad at all. Maybe crime does pay.

  2. unknown

    damn, that guy must be a genius!

  3. megagetoverit

    Geeeeee…. just after I thought I had come up with an original idea to make a quid……move on….. next

  4. Julie

    Hmmm, if someone set up a garage sale at my neighbour’s and it was someone I didn’t know, I’d be slightly suspicious! (But then again, I do live in a crime ridden hellhole 🙄 so I’m suspicious of anything that moves)

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