Get that thing away from me!!!

Holy genital sensors Batman. What is up with British Columbia? Seems for nearly 2 decades young sex offenders have been subjected to genital sensor testing (penile plethysmograph) designed to measure their arousal rates. Here’s how it works, sex offenders as young as 13  are asked to look at nude or semi nude snowflakes and listen to a description of rape, whilst having a monitor attached to their penis.The monitor measures just how turned on the offender gets. Hmm, given they are already deemed a “sex offender”, I would guess , a lot! After years of internal debate about the program it was finally scrapped last month because one of the people administering the test was busted for sexual assault.

Psst No word on when or if any of the data collected has ever been used.


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3 responses to “Kinky

  1. When I was 13, I used to get aroused if I breathed in too quickly, or sat on my wallet just the right way. Who needs clamps?

  2. No word on when, or if, anything that was collected has ever been used….

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