How Do You Solve A Problem Like Drug Cartels?

Hey, here’s a little drug cartel quiz for you. How many federal police have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez this year? OK, here’s a hint, Ciudad Juarez is in Mexico just across the Rio Grande river from El Paso, Texas ( a lucrative drug trafficking route). Hmm, if you said 20 you’d be right. The latest victim had his  head, legs and arms chopped off before being dumped outside a strip mall. The drug gang however were kind enough to leave a note on the body but police are refusing to reveal what it says. A gang war has been raging between the Juarez cartel and the Sinaloa cartel for some time as they fight for control over the drug routes. Hmm, maybe people should stop taking drugs so the cartel people  can get real, respectable jobs? Drug cartels 1, police 0.


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12 responses to “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Drug Cartels?

  1. michellefrommadison

    Question: “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Drug Cartels?”

    Answer: Superior firepower and an ample supply of bodybags.


  2. Question: “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Drug Cartels?”

    Answer: Legalise drugs and make them available at ‘affordable’ prices

  3. Gruff Guano

    I mulled your statement over, Duncanr. One reason is that in the past, like you, I thought that that was the solution. ‘Legalize drug traffic, and you will take the wind out of the sails of the crime syndicates.’

    But I no longer agree. The downsides and risks are too severe in my view. Anyway, the argumentation (rant) is too long to post here, so I’ll use it for a new post on my blog.

    • Hey GG, glad I’ve provoked a reaction from someone with my (slightly tongue in cheek) comment !!!

      I’ll be over to visit you later to read your thoughts on the subject – and I might even leave a comment or two 😆

      P.S. for those who don’t know me too well, the views I express are not always my own, but are designed to stir a debate 😉

    • Lynn

      well gruff legalizing will definitely reduce the demand don’t cha think? or maybe i’ll jsut pop on over to your blog when you post about this.

      • Dunc, I feel the same way: the views I express are never my own, but some alien beings super duper vinyl-covered modular mind control weapon that’s like doing it for me.

      • Gruff Guano

        Hey Lynn, sorry for the late reply. I think that the opposite would be the case. If you legalize it, it will become cheaper (lower price) and there would be less risks involved, because you wouldn’t get prosecuted, lose your job over a conviction, … The more accessible and socially acceptable, the more people doing drugs. Every single person means a personal drama for the families involved. I’m talking hard drugs, very problematic addictions, … a permanent stay in hell city.

      • Lynn

        okay gruff, hard drugs i’ll buy but ganja? naw.. you’re right, if it’s legal it will be cheaper but mostly folks who smoke would grow their own and why wouldn’t/couldn’t they? then the cartels wouldn’t be as powerful because they’d be no market for their product. ..over to you now…. 🙂

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