Greenhouse Lung

From little things, big things grow.

OMG, Ron Sveden got a nice friggin surprise when doctors told him that the tumor they thought was in his lung was actually a plant. Seems a pea he had eaten had accidentally gone down the wrong way, split and sprouted in there. Another good reason not to eat vegetables kiddies!


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6 responses to “Greenhouse Lung

  1. I fucking knew it!!! Everybody used to (and still does) call me crazy for my insane fear of swallowing watermelon seeds. Especially watermelon seeds. I always KNEW this would happen, thank god it was only a pea.

    • Fairy Face

      I agree I hate swallowing seeds. Even the lining of your bowel can be pitted if you’ve had certain bacteria. Anything could grow in there. Obviously it doesn’t need much light.

  2. Turn about’s fair play here people, or, the revenge of the pea.

  3. Still…he has Green Lung.

  4. Susi Spice

    i swallowed a watermelon seed. I had been told that a watermelon would grow in my stomach. So i freaked out i was silently stressing, then i started crying and crying and crying i was inconsolable. My mum was holding me and telling me that she was just joking that it wouldnt grow inside me that she said it so I didnt choke on it…. so today i feel better 😀

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