Honey, What The Hell Did You Do To The Prawns?


OMG, seems Oregon has a slight problem with its shrimp, it’s glowing in the friggin dark! But never fear, that luminescent glow coming from your pink shrimp is just a non harmful marine bacteria so says the experts. Hmm, try explaining that to the woman who was watching a movie one night and her shrimp salad began glowing  or the dude who threw them in the sink to thaw and moments later had an illuminating kitchen.

Psst A curious loon wants to know if you eat too much will your poop glow? Come on, I know you were all thinking it too!!!!


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4 responses to “Honey, What The Hell Did You Do To The Prawns?

  1. Fairy Face

    No but I can see my veins SHIIIIIIITTTTTT!

  2. I watched one of those top ten animal thingys on TV. You’d be surprised how many critters glow, and non of them harmful. Great barroom convo starters, though 🙂

  3. Susi Spice

    oooo if it was guaranteed that it was not poison or from some river in chenoble ill try it out! hehe lets see it glow!!! GLOW BABY GLOW!

  4. They’re making a glowing chemical spray now that whenever a burglar trips an alarm where it’s being used, he gets sprayed with the stuff. It stays for weeks, and even has markers built in so cops can tell exactly where it came from. Now there’s a bright spot in crime control if I ever heard one 🙂

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