So That’s Why Some Kids Are Crazy

OK parents no need to panic but you might want your little snowflakes to step away from the bouncy houses. Hmm, seems testing revealed the vinyl contains friggin toxic lead sometimes more than 70 times the federal legal limit. Holy funhouse Batman.California Attorney General Jerry Brown is currently suing several makers of “bounce houses” claiming that amount of lead can cause your kid to go insane or die.


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9 responses to “So That’s Why Some Kids Are Crazy

  1. Do you have any idea how much time I spent in bouncy houses growing up? Probably like half of my chi….WHO YOU CALLIN A PSYCHO?

    -Thanks good old friend ‘Caps Lock!’

  2. Fairy Face

    Are there any reported cases?

  3. Gruff Guano

    Remember those jigsaw ‘theme carpet’ play mats ? We received one as a gift when our youngest was born. I was very suspicious because of the chemical smell. Combined with the alarming news about soft pvc’s and dioxines in other types of ‘chewable’ toys, that caused me never to let him/them use that thing. It was only years later that they were proven to cause cancer. (OK, just about anything does but still. you’d think ministries of health would investigate products before allowing the mass sale and usage by children.)

  4. Most of the kid they put in those things are already insane.

  5. WTF is a bouncy house? And why are they in California? Out there we got earthquakes, and thus natural bouncy houses, and California does like to claim it’s a natural state. Why would anyone want redundancy?

  6. Amy

    Well then…. I guess I’ll have to cross sex in a bouncy house off my list of important things to do.

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