It Was Worth a Try!

Check it out!

OK here’s the thing Anthony Joseph Urga, exposing your penis and saying you have a flesh eating bacteria ain’t gonna cut it with employees of Radio Shack, damn you. After two clerks spotted Mr Urga allegedly nicking stuff, they confronted him. OK, he returned the ipods he’d stolen but when they asked to search his backpack….well, he dropped his pants, flashed his penis and threatened to expose them to a ‘flesh eating bacteria’ (as you do). When that didn’t impress them he drew a knife but by then they had already tackled him (obviously not scared of the bacteria…or an exposed penis!!!). Anywho, due to a medical condition the King County jail refused to take him so they drove him to the emergency room of the Harborview Medical Center where he promptly walked out. There is now  $50,000 warrant out for his arrest. The circle of life!


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6 responses to “It Was Worth a Try!

  1. I don’t reckon he’ll be getting any anytime soon.

  2. You know wordpress now has a new tweet button you can automatically have on your blog. It was somewhere in settings.

  3. Bugger !!!

    There goes one of the posts in my draft folder I was holding back for tomorrow I’ll have to delete now that you’ve beaten me to it

    B*stard !!! 😉

  4. Let me see… He couldn’t fool the clerks, but the cops fell for his “illness” hook, line, and sinker… Well, that explains a lot about the failings of our society. 😕

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