Rumor Mill Round Up

Mia Farrow inadvertently bitch slapped Naomi Campbell over some itsy bitsy blood diamonds misunderstanding, a Jonas brother is suing a blogger over suggestions he is having an affair with a 17 year old (he should be thanking him), Oprah’s being sued for Multiple Sclerosis discrimination (halo slip), Fantasia attempts suicide after being outed as the “other” woman and Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) is rumored to have knocked up his airline hostess girlfriend during a middle life crisis.


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18 responses to “Rumor Mill Round Up

  1. Susi Spice

    hahahah loony that pic was so appropriate for this…
    i will never write anything about anyone ever again lol
    except you and me 😛

    where shall we go to lunch on friday?

  2. Lol, Tomorrow’s headline.
    The jonas brothers are sueing artswebshow.for suggestions that they need to go back to their day job. lol
    By the way what about the search box verge you were going to trim? lol

  3. Any pic of Richard Simmons just works—you didn’t specify the gender of the 17 year-old that the J-bro may or may not be sexing…

  4. Fairy Face

    Tell me more about the Opray thing I didnt hear about it! Gees we are the arse end of the world.

  5. Fairy Face

    With Naomi I doubt that it was a little misunderstanding. I think she’s another psycho who needs taught a lesson. “Oh just dirty little stones” That’s not what she told Mia. Good on ya Mia Naomi needs bringing down a peg or two. I hope they throw her in the slammer for bullshiting at the Hague. Has she no conscience whatsoever?
    How do these people live with themselves?

    • Susi Spice

      i agree fairy face…

      naomi campbell, in my personal opinion, way overrated and soooo 1981 lol she needs a new career haha

      • Fairy Face

        She treats everyone around her like crap. Ok she has a agood body but she’d getting on too now. These super modles think they are so cool. I prefer a good heart to a good body. So far she hasn’t shown any class when it comes to treating people with respect. Naomi needs to know that respect has to be earned not bought.

  6. But what about Richard Simmons?

  7. Gruff Guano

    Grabbing a stewardess in mid air, to join the mile-high club is a much better way to struggle through a mid life crisis than, say, phoning your ex to complain hysterically about what she’s wearing in public.

    Never thought the geeky shrink would be more of a man’s man than the highland – & roadwarrior, but there it is.

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