Bagel Rage At Starbucks

Did I miss a full moon or something? An English professor was escorted out of a Manhattan Starbucks by three cops after she refused to answer one simple question. Would you like cheese or butter on your toasted multigrain bagel?  The barista became so frustrated when Lynne Rosenthal refused to answer the question he refused to place her order. Professor Rosenthal responded by shouting ‘I want my multigrain bagel!’ The standoff ended when the manager called the cops. Apparently this isn’t the first time Ms “stickler for correct English” has made trouble at Starbucks. Her previous antic involved the refusal to order a “tall” or “venti” instead insisting n ordering a “small” or large” cup.

Psst Get over yourself lady, answer the friggin question or go somewhere else.


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9 responses to “Bagel Rage At Starbucks

  1. We gotta a starbucks at a Dillons store here. I ask for a small regular, they always give me one. No big deal. Why would the hired help freak out over something as ridiculous as asking for a “small” or “large” coffee. I’d fire the idiots. Losing customers is worse than following dumb rules.

    Maybe the idiot just should have asked, ” How do you want you bagel?” The customer ain’t there for the store: the store is there for the customer. It’s pretty bad when the store thinks more of itself then it does the customer. I’m with the prof on this one.

  2. Why didn’t the clerk just give her the bagel? An English professor would presumably be able to conjure the words ‘butter’ or ‘marmalade’ or ‘trout almondine’ at will, and would express her need for one of these delicious toppings upon receipt of the aforementioned barenaked bagel.

  3. Fairy Face

    Are you sure her name wasn’t Michelle? Sounds like she has a stick up her arse too and is afraid of losing it. lol

  4. I have had trouble ordering when the Barista couldn’t understand my order for a “Normal” coffee. “Normal, what do you mean” she said. I repeated “Normal, just a normal coffee, coffee, milk, 2 sugars & no fancy stuff in it” Her reply “Oh you mean a flat white”
    Maybe the woman was sick of so many stupid questions after all who puts cheese on a bagel???

  5. What’s a “Barista” ?
    WTF is a “Venti” ?
    Why does anyone have to learn a new language just to go into somewhere and get a coffee ?
    Weak, very milky, the largest you have, and I’ll add the sugar myself.
    Jeez !

    • Fairy Face

      Barista is the guy who makes you the coffee.
      Venti I’ve never heard used here at all. I ask for coffee , usually cappacino. The sugar comes in little sticks lol.

  6. The Italians have the right idea…

    You walk in, say ‘caffe’ in a dull monotone, get given an espresso, pay, drink it, and leave….with nothing more said.

    Well, nothing more until they realise you’ve given them English money; then there’s plenty said, and it never sounds too friendly.

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