Here’s The Wound Now Throw The Salt


Guess who’s having a party? Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi’s son  Saif that’s who. Why you may ask? Well it’s the 1st anniversary of the the release of the Lockerbie Bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi and what better way to celebrate than have a friggin party.Hmm, I wonder if Saif’s good friend Tony Blair will be attending?


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8 responses to “Here’s The Wound Now Throw The Salt

  1. Guess what I was called recently?

    Don’t get all upset because you’ve been made a fool of and you are just trying to backpaddle your drowing butt back to shore. You are the personification of an obnoxious, prepossessing, self-aggrandizing armchair philosophizing pseudo-intellectual who’s imbecilic blabbering verbose verbiage is like a mockingbird with a banal case of diarrhea. Go back to reading your Mickey Mouse comic book.?

    Damn, how’d the guy know?

  2. if it’s a ‘freebie’ or there’s the chance to make some money out of it, Blair is almost certain to be there !

  3. Fairy Face

    I hope someone poisons the bastard.

  4. Fairy Face

    The Celts will be out for his blood. What a slap in the face to al the families of those who perished in the Lockerbie disaster.

  5. So much for Saif trying to take the moderate route.

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