Can All Frustrated Virgins Apply?

Aren't we good enough for ya?

How cool are the British taxpayers? They are footing the bill  for a 21 year old disabled man to fly to Amsterdam so he can have sex with a prostitute. His social worker argued that sex was a  “human right”  and his frustrated virgin client needed to have sex. The money is being provided by the government’s Putting People First scheme. The social worker also added ‘He’s planning to do more than just have his end away , he’s having a holiday,’

Psst Hmm, why not fly a prostitute to him, that way he can do it in the comfort of his own home and not in  window?


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15 responses to “Can All Frustrated Virgins Apply?

  1. Haha, thats great, good for him. Since its now a human right, maybe we should implement a law that allows all 18 year old senior males in high school to spend a trip to Amsterdam. Not only will they gain the right to vote, but the right to be deflowered also haha.

  2. Fairy Face

    They’ll have all the disabled virgins applying now. Good God what next? I’m sure that there must be a few prospitutes in the area who’d be willing to take the governments money, but then he’s miss our on his holiday.

  3. Wow, here the government doesn’t even like to pay for condoms.

  4. Hoi, what about non-disabled, non-virgins? Don’t we (I mean ‘they’ 😳 ) have a right to sex too ?

  5. and where can I get an application form ?

    (it’s for a friend)

  6. I am not coming out for or against this decision. I am however, available to escort the young man on his upcoming holiday.

  7. What about us retired dirty old men? Does the fact we’re so old and wrinkled make us any less attractive to the paid set? Where’s my government paid for vagina?

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