Hey, Isn’t That The Same Name As Your Son?

Sheez, here’s a shocker. A French couple accidentally stumbled across the grave of their son they thought was alive while attending a funeral for another relative. Josiane Vermeersch and Elie Langlet were just leaving the Hellemmes cemetery when a family member noticed a headstone in the paupers area. It read “Olivier Langlet, 1968-2010.” The shocked parents spoke to a local undertaker only to realize it in fact their son’s grave.  The son, who lived less than a mile from them, had died of natural causes in July. A minor tiff within the family had lead to them not speaking. Despite this they want to know why no one was notified.


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3 responses to “Hey, Isn’t That The Same Name As Your Son?

  1. Amy

    Please…Please tell me people don’t shorten the name of that cemetery. I’m sure telling someone “he’s over in hell” could be miscontrude.

  2. Susi Spice

    hahah amy good one i hadnt noticed that till u said it.

    Im sure he died thinking “huh! im glad im dying now those bastards will be sorry for what they said!”

  3. Heck of a way to find out

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