A Spine For A Spine

OK, can you feel your legs?

Oh my, remember that old Biblical eye-for-an-eye thingy? Yeah well, it’s alive and kicking in Tabuk. A judge there is considering having a convicted man’s spinal cord severed as punishment for attacking a man and paralyzing him with a meat cleaver . Think I’m kidding. The judge has been doing the hospital ring around to see if a anyone is willing to do it. So far not takers, thanks in part to “ethical grounds”.


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2 responses to “A Spine For A Spine

  1. Fairy Face

    He may as well just take a hammer to his spine himself. What kind of man is he? Just shoot him and be done with it.

  2. Susi Spice

    if a cleaver he used then a cleaver he should get…

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