Brave or Foolish?

Remember Laura Dekker? No? Well, she is the 14 year old Dutch girl who fought the courts to be allowed to sail around the world by her friggin self.And guess what? She set off today in her yacht “Guppy”. Ms Dekker is hoping to beat Jessica Watson’s record of becoming the youngest person (16) to circumnavigate the globe. Good luck with that.


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6 responses to “Brave or Foolish?

  1. I admit that I admire stuff like this. Most 14 year olds haven’t left the virtual world for a decade. Even attempting to actually DO something puts her at the head of the class of 2015 in my book.

  2. I hope she’s more successfull than abby sunderland.

  3. megagetoverit

    Moses was a baby picked up out of a basket floating down the Nile. That has to be the youngest ever to solo tread the waters. That was 4000 years ago without GPS and a strapping Navy Force to resque the little bugger. I am sure a proud American “mother to be” will send her featus around the world in a bottle before too long and then writes a book about it, sells the movie rights and appears on the cover of every magazine…ego.. ego… ego…

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