Aussie Election Song

For those of you who don’t live in a land down under you probably aren’t aware it’s election day. For those of you who do live down under, well you are pretty much *uck** which ever way you vote ……


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4 responses to “Aussie Election Song

  1. Gruff Guano

    The only thing that made it though on the news over here, is the prognosing crocodile Dirty Harry. Nothing about political programs, or differing policies. Some croc snapping at a piece of meat tied to a picture. Somehow the whole point of investigative journalism got lost.

  2. Susi Spice

    i tossed a coin this time..literally LOL

  3. Fairy Face

    Me too Susie. Julie lived in the neighbourhood so is real Western Suburbs and I think Abbott it a f…ing wanker. ARgh ! I despair of the next four years.

    • You know what FF, not one of them said ….lets not make it a clear goal to get back to surplus by 2012, but instead lets focus on getting the cost of everyday living back to a sustainable level.
      Both parties spewed out the same shit.

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