I Hear It’s Good For The Skin?

OMG, one of the biggest problems with going to  a chiropractor is you have to lie on your stomach making it easy for someone to masturbate on your back without knowing. Iowa chiropractor Dan Duffy has been charged after it was alleged he masturbated on a patient during an examination. The victim claims she heard him unzip his pants and then heard the sound of him slapping the salami. Following the ordeal she went to police and had her lower back swabbed and low and behold, chiropractor sperm. The DNA matched Duffy’s but he is adamant he is innocent.


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8 responses to “I Hear It’s Good For The Skin?

  1. It’s her fault for waiting the 3 minutes for him to spoo

  2. Fairy Face

    Yeah why didn’t she take a look if he wasn’t slapping her? Silly moo! Still it’s not even supposed to be a good moisturiser not that I’d know. A friend told me. I think it was Jammers.

  3. megagetoverit

    Meantime at the police station….Hi Constable, I would like you to take a swab of my back cause I thinks the Chiro has spurted all over me…not shure though!

    Only in the USA

  4. Susi Spice

    wouldnt u turn around to see what that noise is?

    shes an idiot lol

  5. MoveToTheRight

    I know Dan Duffy personally and grew up with his family. I have spoke to him and he is innocent. The accusations being brought out are completely false and has put his entire life into unecessary turmoil that will probably never go away. Stop for one second and put yourself in his shoes and you’ll releaize that some of your comments are WAY off base. Don’t judge someone you don’t know if you don’t have all the information.

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